Tradeshow Social Media Marketing

Trade shows are a great way to get your business noticed, no matter what kind of industry you’re in. A few easy tips will have you all but guaranteed to make your tradeshow marketing as powerful as it can possibly be.

Get the Word Out Ahead of Time

One of the most important aspects of tradeshow social media involves making sure that you inform your audience with plenty of time to spare. There’s a lot going on these days, and the Internet can make it easy to miss an important piece of information. Make sure your marketing efforts are up to snuff by reminding your audience consistently. Send out updates, but be sure that they stay creative. Marketing isn’t engaging when it’s obvious or too on-the-nose. Effectively running a tradeshow booth is helped when your audience knows about your presence and can help you get the word out. Work the tradeshow into your content marketing, so you begin spreading the word ahead of time.

Contests are Great for your Tradeshow Booth

There are tons of ways to generate buzz around your booth at the next trade show—an exciting and relevant contest is great fodder for social engagement. Many different types of contests are possible as well. A tradeshow is the perfect place for contests that require physical presence, or that allow audience members to contribute online. Another great way to boost your tradeshow booth’s presence is with exciting giveaways that will be sure to attract interested audience members.

Create a Clever Hashtag for your Booth

One of the best parts of social tradeshow marketing is that you can create a discussion around your booth by engaging your audience with a custom-made hashtag. Tradeshow appearances work best when people can easily find the discussion surrounding your booth. Create an original hashtag so that your audience will have an easy time finding your business online. This also gives you the opportunity to be creative and create some buzz for yourself. Make your hashtag original and interesting, and give your audience great ways to interact and engage.

Integrate Pre-Existing Hashtags in your Marketing Plan

Another great thing about social marketing for a tradeshow booth is that the organizers of the show have likely already populated Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and the other requisite social media destinations with hashtags surrounding the event. This allows your company to plug into the conversation directly, which helps give your marketing efforts a serious leg up on the competition. Make sure that your business’ voice is heard by contributing interesting, useful, and entertaining commentary.

Give your Audience Multiple ways to Engage

Marketers love social media because it allows for nearly endless possibilities. There are a ton of ways to use social marketing and news media to engage your audience, as it’s a two-way conversation. You can host an event at your booth that allows your audience at the tradeshow to interact with your audience at home. Tradeshow marketing has only become more effective and more efficient with the rise of social media. Working tradeshow social media doesn’t have to be a herculean effort—it just takes a fair bit of coordination.

With all the ways to engage the audience, tradeshow social media can be a tricky road to navigate. These tips will help keep your audience engaged, and make sure your booth sees a great deal of foot traffic.