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Two Social Media Giants Butt Heads

Facebook vs Instagram

With the popularity of social media marketing rising so dramatically, it is no wonder that clashes between the various social networks are on the rise. Whether it is over something as trivial as one network using the same piece of software as another or something more serious like potential copyright violation, it has become clear that many social networks are not backing down when it comes to the use of their unique features or apps on other social networking sites.

EVELYN M. RUSLI from the Wall Street Journal had this to say, “The chumminess between Instagram and Twitter has been unraveling since Twitter rival Facebook announced it was acquiring Instagram in April. Twitter, whose co-founder Jack Dorsey was an early investor in Instagram, had also sought to buy Instagram, people familiar with the acquisition negotiations have said.”

The Great Twitter versus Instagram Debate

One of the latest clashes to hit between the various social media networking sites has occurred between Twitter and Instagram with each of them claiming that the other is infringing on their territory with regard to the apps and features that they now have on offer. It has become such a serious issue in the social media marketing world that Instagram users have seen their posted photos simply disappearing off of the Twitter news feed while Twitter users are now able to apply Instagram-like filters and special effects to the photos they share on their Twitter feed. With such a large range of apps and features available online today, it seems like social media networks have become more jealous than ever.

Much Ado about Nothing?

With each social media network wanting to jealously guard their network of users, it would seem that cross-posting of status updates, notes, photos and other documents across the various social networking platforms may become more difficult than it has been. This is also being achieved by the fact that more social networks now require their users to download apps in order to do what could simply be done within that particular network previously. This is because of the fact that most people favor convenience, especially with regards to social media sites, so they would not be willing to exit an app, only to go into another one to simply share a photo on another social networking site.

Fighting to Retain Territory

With millions of users spread across dozens of popular social networking sites, this type of head butting between the various networks would almost seem as trivial as a playground disagreement, unless of course direct copyright infringement were to be involved. Each of the social media networks however, seems more determined than ever to stake their claim with regards to features and apps that they have on offer, to the extent of ensuring that content which originally appeared on their site isn’t able to display on any other social networking platform.

Because there are so many forms of social media marketing available today, it is inevitably up to the users to decide which of them they prefer to use. So by trying to reign them in with the implementation of various apps that make their lives more complicated than necessary, social media networks may run the risk of losing their users to a network which is more user-friendly and convenient for them to use.


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