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What is Facebook Graph Search?

Facebook Graph Search

When it comes to social networking sites, the most popular one that comes to mind is Facebook. Over the past few years, they have  implemented a number of changes in the way their website works and while some of these changes may have seemed annoying in the beginning, most of them actually improved the user experience. One of the latest changes that this social networking site has made is to introduce the Facebook Graph Search feature.

Facebook Graph Search Video

How This Search Function Will Work

The graph search feature will be able to do more of an in-depth search among Facebook users connections because it allows a user to combine a set of keywords in order to return the best search results. For example, instead of simply searching for a short keyword phrase such as famous writers, the graph search function will allow a combination of phrases (for example, my friends or connections in London who like famous writers) to be used in order to return more accurate search results. During the initial launch phase of the Graph Search feature, only places, interests, photos and people will be searchable in this manner. However, other search results are set to be included shortly as well.

Review Your Privacy Settings

Because Facebook’s new Graph Search feature relies heavily on how a user’s privacy settings have been adjusted, it is important to ensure that these settings are reviewed on a regular basis. This is because the social networking giant is constantly making changes to the way search results are conducted and used on their website. However, Facebook has said that the new search results will not reveal anything that was previously set as private. Users should be able to search for anything that has been shared with them or anything that they have shared on their social networking profile page. Because each Facebook user’s profile is different, it means that everyone’s search results will be totally different.

Potential Competition for Other Search Engines

In order to facilitate their new search feature, Facebook has decided to use Bing in order to provide their web-based search results. This will be used when content that users are looking for cannot be found within the information that is provided on a Facebook user’s wall. An important question that has cropped up with regards to the Facebook Graph Search feature is whether it will be able to prevent users from spending so much time on other search engines such as Google. While Facebook says that their searches will be different to that of traditional search engine results, this will remain to be seen.

Although this feature is available on Facebook, it is currently in Beta stage which means that users who would like to try it out for themselves will need to join a waiting list in order to be among the first users. Once the bugs have been sorted out and features have been fine-tuned, the Facebook Graph Search will become available to more and more users.