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How Fortune 500 Companies are Using Instagram for Visibility

A few years ago, it would have been almost unheard of for Fortune 500 companies to hop on the social media bandwagon. However, a recent research study done by TrackMaven has revealed that almost 25% of these entities have now embraced the world of Instagram marketing to share their messages and information. Listed below are just a few ways in which Instagram is used by these corporate giants.

They Make Use of Hashtags

Each time a Fortune 500 company uses hashtags to accompany one of their photos, it enables their post to become highly visible and as a result, generate a higher level of interaction. These companies have also learned that using an average of five hashtags per post seems to attract the right amount of interaction without detracting from the post and making it appear spam-like. It has been revealed that using five hashtags per photo results in approximately 22 interactions per 1000 Instagram users.

Posts are uploaded at the Right Time

Although many people post randomly to Instagram, Fortune 500 companies tend to be somewhat more calculated in this regard. Results of TrackMaven’s research showed that the most popular timeframe that these companies used to upload their posts were between 9 am and 6 pm, with uploads peaking substantially between 3 pm and 4 pm. It was also revealed that the two most effective days of the week for these corporations to share photos and videos were on Mondays and Thursdays. Photo uploads received the most traffic during regular working hours, while video posts were viewed most often before and after regular working hours.

High Quality Images are posted

As with any other social network, Instagram photos that are of a higher visual quality will always receive more responses, shares and overall interaction than those with blurry or pixelated images – and Fortune 500 companies are by no means exempt from this rule. When sharing images, these companies ensure that they are not only relevant to their industries; they also only use images and video clips that are of the best possible quality.

Interaction with Followers is Taken Seriously

Regardless of the social network, not even a Fortune 500 company will be able to attract followers if it is not willing to engage or interact with them on a regular basis. Although responses to posts, photos and comments will usually be dealt with by someone who has been hired to manage a corporation’s online presence on its behalf, users will still appreciate knowing that their conversations were important enough to garner some form of response from a well-known company. As word gets out that a particular company engages with followers, follower numbers will increase.

Instagram has evolved from what was once a basic mobile photo-sharing app to something that is able to market products and services to millions of users within a matter of hours. Although only a handful of Fortune 500 companies may be using Instagram at this stage, this figure looks set to increase exponentially over the next few years.