36creative won an incredible four Awards of Excellence at this year’s 24th annual Communicator Awards. These awards are the highest possible honor a company can receive through the award program.

What is the Communicator Awards?

The Communicator Awards is a highly competitive program designed to honor creative excellence within the communication’s community. This is the largest awards program in the industry and has gained monumental success for both themselves and their winners since their founding 24 years ago. For this reason, the program receives over 6K entries each year – making a single win a very big deal, indeed.

Who Judges the Awards Program?

The Communicator Awards are both judged and ran by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA). The AIVA is an organization consisting of over 600 members who are dedicated to the continuation of technologies and creativity in the various forms of visual arts.

The AIVA is made up of over 600 members who belong to the creative departments of some of the most prestigious, recognizable brands in the world. Among these are Conde Nast, Disney, Republica, Sesame Workshop, MTV, PureMatter, Starbucks, Tribal DDB, Yahoo!, and Time Inc. Only the best in the business have the honor of claiming membership.

What Awards Were Received?

The four awards 36creative received this year at the 24th annual Communicator Awards includes three websites, and one Corporate Communications award – this being the 36 logo itself.

The three websites to be awarded this year include:

Each of the websites featured were purposefully designed to be visually appealing, while clean, and incredibly intuitive. With information easily accessible amidst high-quality graphics, each website represents the perfect combination of usability and looks.

Want More Information?

You can find more information about the awards program itself at the dedicated website, www.communicatorawards.com.