Founded by award-winning creative agency, 36creative, the Craftsman Union is a group of individuals who represent true craftsmanship in all forms. The union represents those who pride themselves on delivering high-quality work and precision. 36creative invites driven individuals who embody these beliefs to connect and showcase their different skill-sets.

The History

The Craftsman Union was originally founded in 2004 when 36creative Art Director, Christoper Massie, decided to take a stand against the lust for speedy projects and instant gratification. Chris decided to make a declaration to the world that true craftsmen have a higher sense of precision, pride, and dedication to their work; to their passion.

Fighting a False Practice

No matter your industry, it has become evident that craftsmanship has taken a back seat in all forms of workmanship. The desire for speed and instant satisfaction has formulated a culture of misguided perceptions on what true quality is. Quick deadlines and short turn-arounds have cut craftsmen at the knees; resulting in sub-par products and services. With 36creative’s efforts, union members are coming together to fight this false practice by building strong relationships with those who have similar beliefs. We are proud to welcome members such as Blochaus Art Gallery owner, Markus Sebastiano; Andy Bablo of Steez Design, and Professional Mountain Biker, Aaron Chase.

Join the Movement

36creative invites passionate craftsmen of all forms to come together as one. We are on a mission to connect and showcase craftsmen of various skill sets, and steadily grow a union of quality-driven individuals. 36creative believes in precision, time, and detail. If you or your organization embody these same beliefs, we welcome you to join the Craftsman Union for exclusive offers by subscribing to our newsletter and following along on Instagram. For those who really want to support the movement, you can snag some union apparel on our Etsy shop.