As an agency, we believe it’s important to stand behind and support organizations that are benefiting the environment, as well as people’s lives. 36creative has formed strong relationships with two passionate organizations that truly inspire us; Hivecube and The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico. This January, 36 traveled to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico to visit both groups and learn more about their mission.


Our first stop was Hivecube; an organization that started in Puerto Rico by two inspiring women, Maria Velasco and Carla Gautier. Together, they have been creating homes out of shipping containers for those effected by natural disasters, such as hurricane Maria. These structures are sustainable, affordable, and can withstand future natural disasters; which are predicted to increase by 320% in the next 20 years. Their mission is revolutionary and is gaining recognition both nationally, and internationally. We were honored to experience an in-depth tour of their manufacturing facility and view their base models.

   hivecube  hivecube


The Boys & Girls Club of Puerto Rico

Another organization our team met was The Boys and Girls Club of Puerto Rico. After Hurricane Maria, children and their families have faced challenges that some of us could never imagine. With over 60% of children living in poverty, this organization has embraced the challenge by doing their best to make sure children are being educated, nurtured and prepared for the future by equipping them with essential life and job skills. 36 had the privilege of meeting with one of the leaders of this organization, Patricia De la Torre. Her passion for helping underprivileged children is contagious and truly inspired the 36creative team.

We Can Make It Better

36creative is honored and excited to use our creative services to help both organizations in multiple ways. Stay tuned for the next chapter. In the meantime, we ask our friends, families, clients and partners to donate to these incredible groups through GoFundMe.